Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1st Giveaway I Ever Won: MAC's Venomous Villain Collection, via Karla Sugar!

 Ok, today I am going to write about the REAL reason I got into makeup. I know I wrote a weird rambling intro post, but that was mostly just a placeholder. (It is also the product of an unsound mind amplified by insomnia and a little eetsy-bitsy amount of wine.) 'Tis a rather convoluted story, but follow me into its twisting folds for I promise it shall be an epic journey most wonderful and strange! ... or something like that.

So by the way of introduction to my "How I Got Into Makeup" story, I want to state first that I am a very, very unlucky person. I am the sort of person who, in college, got such a shitty number during the dorm assignment lottery that as a senior, I had to live in a freshman dorm, no joke.

(After coming back to school after spring break, I found that some lovely freshman had graced my door's white-board with a lovely penis doodle and a "U suck!!!" scrawl. He ought to be glad I never found him, for I believe in ten-fold revenge.

An eye for an eye might make the whole world blind, but if you take them both out all at once, he can't retaliate and the cycle ends there. See my logic?)

Anyways, since I have such shitty luck, when I entered a giveaway contest at Karla Sugar's website, I had no high hopes or low hopes whatsoever. I did it just for the sake of doing it.

Originally, I'd ended up at Karla's website while looking for swatches of Rock & Republic blushes, and at this point I wasn't that much into make up at all (I was just looking for a good deal, because R&R had a 50% off code.)

I saw that the giveaway consisted of MAC products, specifically from the "Venomous Villains" collection. This sounded pretty nice, because usually it's all about the fair and rosy princesses in Disney-land, AND I HATE PRINCESSES OMFG. I always thought the Evil Queen was much, much more stylish than Snow White, if not "fairer." And come on, you gotta give the evil ol' lady some props; not only does she know how to do party makeup, she also does special effect makeup, enough to become a convincingly humpbacked warty old witch lady. Now this is who you want your makeup spokesperson to be, ladies and gents.

Now, I didn't know much about MAC at the time (I'd only used their pressed powder compacts before,) though in the months to follow I feel like I've learned as much as I can about the line without actually having bought more than three of their products.

So imagine my utter surprise and delight when I got an e-mail from Karla saying that I was one of the winners!!!

Cue: Charlie Sheen Adonis DNA Tiger Blood Winning, Duh

For the first time in my life ever, I LUCKED OUT!


At this point in my life, after 24 years of being a decidedly non-winner, I felt like my stars were aligned, and the cosmos was sending me a message. I won something! I won something a lot of other people wanted to win!!! I'd never won anything before! ... Follow train of thought, compute conclusion: Makeup was my destiny. 

So, from then on I got pretty obsessed with makeup. For the most part I just read lots and lots of beauty blogs, coming back to Karla Sugar's, expanding to Temptalia, then going further and further until Google Reader couldn't keep up with everything so I just shoved everything into Bloglovin'. I reckon it takes me an hour or two everyday to get through all the good shiz.

Whew. So glad to get that off my chest. Now I am a certified makeup addict, and yes, my budget has taken a big hit, and I blame Karla for all of it, along with MAC and Disney. :-) But hey, at least I'm not spending it on alcohol and drugs and "Goddesses" like our jolly ol' Winner-Warlock Mr. Sheen is! Duh!

Ok, enough of the back story: Let's get to the good part, the actual review and swatches and FOTD of the precious, precious items I received.

Onwards and upwards to Pt. 2!!!