Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1st Giveaway I Ever Won: MAC's Venomous Villain Collection, via Karla Sugar! (pt 2)

So, have you had a good read of my epic tale of how I got into makeup? Then, now that I've got all that pent up excitement out of my system (this happened last summer, for chrissake, and I'm only just now writing about it... Talk about delayed gratification) I shall go on to swatches, FOTD, review, etc, the bread and butter of beauty blogs.

Here's a quick breakdown of what I received from Karla in the giveaway:

Toxic Tale Lipstick and Hot House Lipglass from Evil Queen collection
De-Vil and Sweetjoy Eyeshadows from Cruella de Ville collection
Wrong Spell Lipglass from Maleficient collection

Now, let's get to business: SWATCH TIME!!!

Without Flash
With Flash
As you can see, Sweetjoy nearly disappears into my MAC 20-25 skin tone without flash. In addition to not being heavily pigmented, it is also very close to my skin color, so I would personally use it as a base for other colors or to blend out harsh edges. In the photograph with flash, however, you can see it due to the frost/pearl finish catching and reflecting the light. It's very subtle and fits its name very well.

The name may be "Sweetjoy" but this lady is neither sweet nor happy. Probably 'cause she had too many botox sessions and her face is frozen into that stinkface position for all eternity...
 Cruella De Ville's face cracks me up. I like the fact that MAC didn't use stickers, the characters are printed onto the products themselves. Good to know that that stink-faced lady is gonna be around me until I hit pan.

Sweet joy eyeshadow, opened
The texture of Sweetjoy, as with most of MAC's eyeshadows, is very fine and smooth, satiny almost. It's a very pale champagne/gold color with a soft, subtle frost finish. 

De-Vil, closed: Again we get to see Ms. Stinkyface in action...

De-Vil, opened
 De-Vil is a rusty color with the same finish as Sweetjoy. It's a pleasure to apply, as well as a pleasure to touch. ... On reflection, that last part sounded really wrong and creepy. Let's forget that ever happened.

Anyways, The color as well as the name of this one seems more befitting for the character; I'm surprised MAC didn't put out the lime green shadow that Ms. Ville is always wearing.

Possible dupe: L'Oreal's HiP Duo in "Flare" (more pigmented than the MAC's)
 As soon as I took a good look at the colors after I rabidly tore the package open, I had a niggling sense that I'd seen the colors somewhere before, and often at that. I poked through my stash and came up with this: Flare from L'Oreal. The colors look pretty similar in the pan; the difference lies in the pigmentation. Both sides of the duo are more pigmented than the MAC shadows, with the left champagne/soft gold color being noticeably more bold than Sweetjoy. So if you like the colors you see here but don't want to hunt on eBay, might as well go check out Flare at your local drug store.

EOTD with Sweetjoy + De-Vil and Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Mildew

Second EOTD
 What's an eyeshadow review without an EOTD, anyways, right? So here are two pics, using Sweetjoy, Devil, and Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Mildew. As you can see, Sweetjoy is not very noticeable, but I blended it out to my brow bone. De-Vil is the coppery red you see on the outer V of my eyes. Finally, for an extra oomph I put some "Mildew" on my eyes... disgusting.


Toxic Tale Lipstick
Toxic Tale swatched on lips
 Now, moving on to the lip products: Toxic Tale!!! I love this lipstick. When I first swatched it, I thought it was too bold and had a "no way in hell am I wearing that out" moment. I mean, it's opaque in one to two swipes, it's super bright, and a total attention grabber. I've seen this described as a "neon coral with an orange undertone," but on me it shows up more as a pink-red with an orange bent, if that even makes sense. I tried it out a couple of times but didn't love it. Then I tried it on with some blue and green eyeshadow, and found that it was a winner, duh! Especially with this season's trend of uber-bold lips, Toxic Tale has found its way into my daily makeup routine. As always, just remember to really perfect the rest of the face if you want to pull off a bright color like this; nothing like a big ol' red rash of acne on your chin to ruin a bright-lipstick day.

Hot House Lipglass

Standard doe foot applicator
 Hot House. Love this girl. I feel like Karla was reading my mind when I got this. I used to have a lipstick in almost exactly this color, and I found out after I used it all up that it was discontinued. :-( Much sadness ensued. But anyways, this is almost identical in color, albeit in a lipgloss formula. The color is a deep fuschia with iridescent shimmer. It leans purple, pinkish or blue depending on how the light hits it. Does that make it tri-chrome?? It's semi-opaque, and like Toxic Tale, super bright and bold. I love how the color works with my black hair, and this lippy is one of the reasons why I won't be dyeing my hair any time soon.

Wrong Spell Lipglass

Wrong Spell
 Now I have to admit, I have no idea whatsoever to do with Wrong Spell. Opacity-wise, it's a lot sheerer than Hot House. I don't really know how to describe the color; a very dark chocolate color with burgundy undertones and some shimmer, perhaps. At any rate, it's really dark color-wise, vampy I guess you could say. I tried it on a couple of times and decided that I couldn't pull it off, so I gave it to my mum, who has a much darker skin tone. When I visited her a few months later, I saw that she hadn't used it one bit. So I brought it back, mostly to swatch, but I'm still scratching my head as to how to use it. I'm not sure who it'd look best on either; cooler skin tones or warmer skin tones, light or dark. I think its best use would probably be in layering, so I'll have to look into some combos that might work.

Wow, that was a lot of words and pictures, wasn't it? To top it all off, finally, I leave you with a...


FOTD: Almay i-Intense Mascara, Sweetjoy and De-Vil eyeshadow, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Mildew, Revlon PhotoReady in 004 Nude, ELF HD Powder, NYX Cream Blush in Orange, and Toxic Tale

That's all for now, folks! And my utmost thanks to Karla for making all this possible (including but not limited to my burgeoning makeup addiction)!