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Mah First Ever Make Up Review Post! Tokidoki Robbery Set: The Royal Pride Palette

Whew! It's been what, 10 years since I first opened the blog and did the layout and everything, and my first product review post (and really, it could be considered my first for-real post since the "first post" I wrote was just a nonsensical ramble about my foray into make up addiction) is ready and raring to GO!

So recently I've been doing a lot of job hunting and have landed one internship. I would like to get another internship, preferably a paid one this time since the other is unpaid as well as part-time--or, barring that, get a retail position because my fund is bound to run out sooner or later (sooner, considering how much make up I'm hauling in to nom-nom on on a bi-weekly basis.) What this amounts to is that I've been very, very busy since I first got the idea to open me humble blog-pub and hence why it's taken so long to actually get around to writing this post! So there it is, my excuse. ;-P

Anyhoo, without any further ado, I introduce to you the very first subject of my mighty scientific investigation into the world of cosmetic wonders: The Royal Pride set from the Tokidoki Robbery Palette, sold at Sephora exclusively. (Currently priced at $39, on sale; former price was $49.)

(Actually, you may have to click on the image again after opening the link for it to enlarge properly... sorry. Will fix soon.)

 *Ok, so a short word on the weird format of the image (it's a long single column with everything bunched together,whereas usually I'd separate the images and add descriptions after each individual images: I originally did this review for a contest Karla Sugar ran a while back (and I'm happy to say I won the prize, the highly coveted MAC LE Pink Friday Lipstick! Thanks Karla!) and the interactive feature where I uploaded my review would only take one picture. Hence, I had to do a photo mashup to the best of my abilities. As soon as I have some extra time (as in, when I'm not blogging at 3 am in the morning) I will separate the photos and go back to the usual clean format that everyone likes to see.)*

Me Thoughts And Conclusions at a Glance:

Overall rating:
Value for money:
Packaging quality:
*Note: These ratings are out of five stars, and are specifically for the Royal Pride set, and does not include my score for the other two sets of the overall palette.

What it is:
A set of three makeup palettes from the trendy brand Tokidoki, each consisting of four eye shadows and one blush or bronzer, housed neat and tidy in a keepsake tin. Oh, there’s also a cute, oversized removable Tokidoki logo magnet that comes with the tin. Can be bought at Sephora for $39.

What’s in each palette:

-The Royal Pride Palette:
4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto and a 0.16 oz Bronzer in Royal Pride

-The Arlecchino Palette:
4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo and a 0.16 oz Blush in Momobella

-Rapina Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios and a 0.16 oz Blush in Polpettina

Quick take:
Uber-cute packaging, glitzy trendy eye shadows and bronze/blushers that range from good to meh. Decent value for the money.

The Details:
I’ll do a quick overview of the palettes as a whole and then dedicate the rest of the post to The Royal Pride palette (I’ll write about the other palettes in two other reviews,) which is housed in the left most section of the tin (click on the link above to see the adorable packaging, swatches, and a FOTD created with the palette.)
Whether or not you will like this set and how much value you place on it will really depend on your taste. If you are a fanatic for cute, adorable packaging, I can almost guarantee that you will like it, regardless of how much you like the actual products. The whole line has a very hip, trendy, Japanese illustration and anime inspired vibe just like the Harajuku Lovers line. As for the actual products, the eye shadows are very vibrant, fun, punchy and playful, with lots of shimmers and glitters and not many mattes. I feel like this is geared towards the younger set; if you like classy rather than hip, timeless rather than trendy, this may not be the product for you.

However, it still makes a fantastic gift set as the palettes can be broken up into three different gifts, and it just looks nice.

The Royal Palette:
This is the “neutral” palette. Neutral as in it has golds and browns, but the level of shimmer and glitter in it does not render it exactly work friendly. The eye shadows are very pigmented and smooth. I did not experience glitter fall out but I have seen some reviews on Sephora stating that others did. While I feel that the eyeshadows of this quad coordinate the best, having some consistency in the color palette, you will have to give some thought into how you use the shadows because they are all very bold and can clash if used without care, unlike more neutral neutrals that you can slap on quickly and then run off to work. I found that the shadows tend to crease somewhat even when I wear primers, perhaps because they go on so thick, but it was not a major concern.

“Lion Pappa” is a tan gold that is very shimmery and metallic. If you just look at the color, it may look like a fantastic all-over lid color but since it is so very shimmery, less is more.

“Savana” is a very bright, almost neon yellow gold that definitely leans to the cool side of the color spectrum. It is very very bold, but also very fun. I like to use it towards the inner third of my lids or as a liner on my lower lash line; it really makes my eyes pop.

“Ercolino” is a rust bronze, quite reddish, quite warm. This seems a little more glittery than shimmery compared to the other shadows. It’s great for accentuation, but use sparingly as too much can make it seem like you’ve been punched in the eye or have an eye disease.

“Bulletto” is a dark, smoky, cool brown. This is one of those liner shades—you know, if you have a quad, they always tell you to use the darkest shade as a liner, etc. It blends beautifully, I quite like it.

An observation on the eye shadows: I almost feel like they’re a little too much when used together all at once. I did today to take a FOTD photo for the review, and it just feels and looks a little heavy. I think they’re great shadows when used in conjunction with less screamingly bright metallic shades, but unless you are going for a night at the club, use a light hand.

“Royal Pride” is the sole bronzer of the three palettes; the other two have blushers. It is a matte tan that is light enough that it just disappears into my skin color. I imagine if you have fairer skin this would make for a nice, subtle bronzer, but if you have medium or darker skin (I’m about NC 20-25 right now,) forget about it. It’s not like I used a light hand, either; I packed and packed and packed in an effort to get it to show on the picture, but no luck. If it had shimmer, at least it could be used as a highlighter; as is, I almost feel like I could just use it as powder foundation or something. But that’s just the cost of getting “value sets” like this—there’s the inevitable possibility that some of the shades just won’t work out for you for whatever reason. Personally I quite like the “Momobella” blush from the “Arlecchino Palette” (what the heck does that all mean anyways? Sounds Italian but I can’t tell,) it’s a nice peachy-gold color with shimmer, a little on the sheer side but buildable.

So there it is, my review for “The Royal Palette.” Stay tuned for the next two!

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