The Ol' Rhapsode Story

Hi y'all, so this is the part where I share stuff about myself and show my human side, eh? I am sometimes mistaken for an oft-smiling robot, so I would like to just clear my name here.

My name is not actually "The Rhapsode," of course, but it's got something to do with secret fraternities, secret handshakes, dark velvet robes, faux skulls and real swords and a secret fraternity meeting hall masquerading as a laundromat/dorm basement! I never had the honor of acquiring the noble title of "The Rhapsode," since I hated being in a frat/sorority, but hell, isn't the name cool at least?

I'm in my mid-twenties and I recently moved from the East Coast to the OC (isn't that such an obnoxious way to say it? The OC? My prerogative, though! But I will refrain from calling New York the Big Apple, heh.)

I've lived all over, this is my sixth state. West Coast, Deep South, New England--Oregon, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, New Jersey (and some New York thrown in for extra measure,) and now California. I've also lived in Korea two times. My average stay in one given place ranged from anywhere in between a few months to four years in the same place at a time (twice! Pretty cool and unusual for me.)

I'm just getting used to living in SoCal; it's a little boring and suburban-y around here (and no good Asian food around! I mean, seriously?!) but I'm working on getting a job and trying to get out more (I'm doing an unpaid part-time internship in PR and Marketing for a start up lighting/furniture company at the moment, "job"-wise.)

I do miss clubbing and going to bars, but I live in a very family oriented, conservative area so I'll just have to hit the beach when I get a car and don't have to borrow my brother's. Edit: I got my own car. My mom almost totaled her own car so she gave me her car after she got it fixed and she's going to buy already bought a new car for herself. Thanks, mom. I really mean it. :-)

I graduated from college last year with a double degree in English and Visual Arts. I thought I might end up after graduation living in a cardboard box in Central Park, so I'm doing pretty well for myself if I do say so. ;-) I have a background in communications and marketing from internships, two of them in the art/gallery/museum industry.

I wish I could visit Boston or NYC for the exhibitions, but I'll try to find something here (now if I could only brave the LA traffic... those people are crazy, I tell you!) I am obsessed with grammar, an occupational hazard, so I will do my best to use good grammar (probably broke a rule there, but whatever) and keep the blog free of typos. I'm not a grammar police though, I promise. I'm just OCD-focused on myself. Such a navel-gazer.

As for beauty stats: I'm MAC NC15-30 at any given time of the year depending on how much sun I've been getting. I'm currently NC20 working my way up to NC25, and I have Asian yellow undertones; keep that in mind and adjust my swatches for yourself accordingly. My major beauty concerns, which will be reflected in the products I focus on, relate to my skin; excessive oiliness, enlarged pores, mild acne. Hope you find some of my posts useful in case you share my concerns. But I will always include my thoughts on products for all skin types regardless.

My beauty philosophy is centered around positive self-image and the acknowledgment that each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way, whether popular media acknowledges that or not. Although I do enjoy using makeup to gussy myself up and prettify myself occasionally, my main focus is on self-expression, reflecting my personality and self through make up and fashion, at least as much as the medias permit. I find the media's (and marketing's) tendency to plant and exploit self-doubt and low self-esteem abhorrent, and I try to discourage it as much as possible. However it is an unavoidable facet of modern life and I know I fall victim to such popular pressures myself. It is a battle, but a worthwhile one when you consider how short life is and how much more pleasant life can become when you believe in yourself and love yourself no matter what (unless you are a sociopath. I then recommend you to see a therapist. Inner beauty is so much more important, plus you might end up in jail!)

That said, I am not a unicorns and rainbow girl ("not that there's anything wrong with it," to borrow the words of Seinfeld.) I think a healthy dose of cynicism and self-deprecating humor is necessary to look realistically life and also be understanding and compassionate of people (it really irritates me when myself or anyone else is going through real life trouble and someone tells me to just "chin up" and look at the bright side. There are some things in life you just have to allow yourself to be sad about or really reflect upon!)

On a different (or maybe it's related?) note I do not own any pets. I know, I know, every beauty blogger should. I apologize in advance that I have no cute pet pictures/ stories to share with you. I realize it may make me seem unfeeling and lacking in human qualities, perhaps reinforcing your belief that I am a robot with pretty good human mimicking skills. I feel so left out. But eh, whatever. Just for the record I have owned pets in the past, turtles and fish and chicks (no no no, not human girls! Pre-chickens!) and hermit crabs.

I will try to make up for my deficiency and failings by drawing and making up stories about imaginary pets. You can even make suggestions for what pets to adopt, how to raise them, name ideas, etc. Same goes for a SO; I'm not in the market, so I shall just upload random photos of hunks and make up stories about cute little dates, snuggles, fights, maybe even breakups. Do some girl-bonding with me and share in the drama. Best way to make girl friends, I know. Also I am just chock-full of stories about past boyfriends (mostly dramatically horrid and comic ones!) so look forward to those as well.

Oh, hey, and before I forget: I also have a blog where I upload a comic series I drew throughout college and am attempting to draw again. It does contain adult humor and black humor though so consider yourself warned. (Oh, but the images are SFW, only the dialogue and the sentiments are filthy. The drawings are actually down right cute, if I say so myself. Heh.)

Please check it out at . Self-promotion, self-promotion, self-promotion; maybe it will land me a book deal. Not.

So yeah, join me on this epic journey I am starting and guide me along the way if you feel so inclined. Hope you enjoy and have fun beauty-thinging!

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