Wishlist for Santy Claus

Just what it says, things I'm drooling over or thinking about checking out. I blame beauty bloggers for turning me into a junkie. You know I'm right.

  • CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks  Edit: I got two. I really don't like them and I wish I'd saved my money for, I don't know, Revlon Lipsticks. Sigh. And it's drugstore too so I can't really return them...
  • Milani Gel Bronzer and baked bronzers
  • Prestige Mineralize Bronzers
  • NYX cream blushes... I seriously do not need more blushes, but I so want to check these out. Edit: I ordered them through Cherry Culture, and might pick some up at an Ulta store, too! Can't wait!
  • Some sort of nice lipglosses in the pinks and golds, both shimmers and non-shimmers Edit: Tried out two Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses, and they were waaay too sheer, though I liked the colors (such as they were.) They were promptly returned.
  • More purple/pink eyeshadows... considering Wet'n'Wild and NYX. Isn't it grand how Wet'n'Wild has upped their game in 2010?
  • Yet more Revlon lippies... seriously, I never knew drugstore lippies could be so good until recently
  • Shiseido lash curler Edit: On its way from Sephora!!!
  • NARS the Multiple Tints
  • Stippling brushes and fan brushes and... just brushes. Brushes, I demand!
  • More MAC lippies.
  • Giorgio Armani lippies (Hah, I wish.)
  • etc etc etc a million times.
 What are you wanting? What's your current fix? Saving up? Rolling in dough? On a no-buy? Do share!

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